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Warranty and Terms & Conditions

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Warranty and Terms & Conditions

Product Characteristics, Warranty and Care for  O.C. Furniture

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Upholstery pieces are meant to soften over time and not ‘come back’.  Regular fluffing and rotating cushions is best to maintain your pieces. Clean all foreign substances from fabric surface immediately with appropriate cleaner and vacuum frequently to keep the fabric fibres from weakening. Frames and cushions carry a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.  This means what an ‘expected life’ of a normal sofa or chair would be reasonably expected and is different than ‘normal wear and tear’.

We will come to your home when possible to service your pieces provided you are in the local area.  Provided this is a warranty issue, this will be done at no charge to you.  If it is without of what is covered by warranty, we are happy to still provide whatever professional service is required in which case would result in a charge to the customer at no markup, just to cover the professional costs. 


  • Standard wrapped seat/back cushions —> foam with a wrap for nice comfortable seating; due to ‘wrapping’ you will see some “Comfort Wrinkles”.  Furniture is designed to have a softer, loftier seat than the old ‘bench’ type feel and bringing a more casual and comfortable living.
  • Down/Feather/Fiber —> Soft ‘Cloud-like’ seating; the most luxurious seating but also most casual and will have comfort wrinkles. Feathers will ‘pack down’ and needs to be fluffed and rotated (like a feather bed pillow). Also, gathers humidity in an environment so over time you may notice more settling…put outside on a nice sunny day and feathers will fluff up like new!  Will lose occasional feathers which is normal and to be expected.
  • Piping —> Like most manufacturers of softer-filled upholstery, piping will move and be wavy to some extent which is normal. Showroom samples are the best example of what to expect.



Full grain leather is sourced in North America and is a natural product. As such, you may notice slight variations in panels just as a hardwood floor. This is normal and not considered a ‘flaw’ or ‘defect’.



Due to softer filling materials and fabric construction, some fabrics will stretch and may crush depending on construction (often a good example is linen and velvet). For longevity of soft upholstery, protect your furniture from direct sun exposure as all fabrics WILL fade. Also, flip and rotate your cushions regularly to help minimize the effects. Best practice, what works for you….if it is every two week, be consistent, if it is ever month or two, same thing. This will help the gradual wear of the cushions.  


Case Goods:

  • We honour a 2 year warranty on our case goods against any manufacturing defects in construction. This includes: Dining tables and chairs, occasional tables (coffee, end, accent), Bedroom furniture, Desks, Shelving units, Tea tables. **THIS IS NOT APPLICABLE TO ITEMS SOLD FROM SHOWROOM FLOOR.


  • Marble —> TO NOTE: As marble is a natural material, it is expected that a variation in the marble grain and colour will be certain. When committing to natural materials, it needs to be understood that the customer accepts the furniture based on this.  If in doubt, we are happy to provide a floor sample to you instead of ordering new. 


Terms & Conditions



Our delivery time is an estimate and while we do everything we can to ensure ‘On-Time’ Delivery, if there is a delay, you will be notified by us as soon as we are aware and be kept updated on delay and status. Delivery must be accepted within 30 days of arrival to our warehouse, unless the balance has been paid in full.  Deferred delivery is acceptable when specified at the time of purchase, provided arrangements of final payment are agreed upon time of sale.


Floor Samples

are always a final sale and are sold ‘AS IS’, the buyer accepts merchandise as displayed.


Custom orders and case goods are not returnable or exchangeable.  A 30% restocking fee will be charged for cancellation of any custom orders and/or case goods.

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