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Creating a Showcase Bedroom

Creating a Showcase Bedroom

The one thing health and wellness experts all agree on is that getting enough deep sleep is one of the best things you can do for your overall well-being. Sleep boosts brainpower, strengthens your heart, and assists you day-to-day while at work, driving, and in your decision making.

That said, let’s take a look at your bedroom! Do you have the right bedroom furniture to provide all the elements that make it easy to drift off into sleep and wake up refreshed? Now, is it pleasing on the eye? At Oriental Casa, we do not believe you need to sacrifice style for comfort. Your home should reflect your sense of style, and in the bedroom, it is no different.


oriental casa creating a showcase bedroom - A bedroom in a high-rise apartmentMake your bed the focal point of the room.


Here are the bedroom essentials you should consider when designing your space: 


The Bed: Where We Lay Our Heads

Obviously, the bed is an essential piece of furniture and, once chosen, should be the focal point of the bedroom. The perfect bed provides a combination of comfort and style.

  • Make a statement with your choice of bed frame. All the bed frames at Oriental Casa are customizable by selecting the wood stains, fabric, and leather components.
  • A bed with an attractive and appealing headboard instantly updates your environment.


The Cabinetry: Storage for Your Style

A set of well-placed cabinets will keep your bedroom balanced and tidy. 

  • A cabinet provides much needed additional room for your clothing if your closet is short on space. It can also hold jewelry, accessories and extra bedding.
  • A chest-of-drawers is a necessity for all your clothing that does not require hanging.


oriental casa creating a showcase bedroom dresser - A clothes dresser with nature paintingBreak with symmetry by using different sized décor objects.


  • A dresser in a unique shape, perhaps with a mirror, is where your smaller delicate items are kept. The flat top surface also provides an area to create an interesting tableau with flowers, mementos, and reading materials. 
  • A low-and-wide cabinet at the end of your bed is the savvy solution for blankets, pillows and linens while adding another layer to your environment.



The Nightstand: Essentials and Accessories

Once we are in bed, getting up to retrieve essential items is annoying. A nightstand with a sizable top surface, drawer(s), and even a shelf solve this problem. A nightstand is just one of those practical pieces that no bedroom should be without!

  • Place a nightstand on either side of your bed to create a unified appearance.
  • If you want to play with asymmetry, try pairing slightly different tables for a touch of visual intrigue.


The Vanity Table: Bling and Baubles

A vanity table adds a graceful note to your bedroom and ups your style barometer. Whether a decorative touch or a self-care must-have, this piece of furniture can also add multi-functionality.

  • With proper lighting, you can create a comfortable place to fix your hair or apply makeup. 
  • Stay organized by storing jewelry, accessories, and other small items in drawers.
  • By folding down the mirror, your vanity will serve as a desk, providing an alternate place for journaling or one last check of your email.


The Seating Area: A Cozy Corner


oriental casa creating a showcase bedroom chair - A large chair in the corner of a roomChoose a cozy chair that you want to curl up in!


On a lazy Sunday afternoon, what is more relaxing than curling up in a cozy chair and catch up on your reading? Creating a seating area with comfortable chairs or a loveseat is the perfect way to add an inviting atmosphere to almost any bedroom.

Not much of a reader? This space is also great for a relaxing coffee, putting on shoes, or a great place to lay-out your post-shower outfit.


The Bedroom Accessories: From the Carpet Under Your Feet and Up

From customizable artwork to plush carpeting, there is no limit to the options Oriental Casa offers for making your bedroom reflect your ideas.


oriental casa creating a showcase bedroom room - A bedroom scene with two lampsUse strategically placed lighting to create ambiance.

Two of the most forgotten elements in completing a room are: 

  • Lighting design: think beyond what is readily available in the room. Add a chic table lamp, sconces above the bed, or a decorative floor lamp, to keep the dynamic warm and inviting.
  • Add colour, texture and personality to your bedroom with a one-of-a-kind rug. At Oriental Casa, we offer full customization of carpets in all sizes. Choose from ready-made pieces or design one based on your imagery and palette. However, you decide, know that when it arrives, you will love nothing more than to walk on it barefoot!


oriental casa creating a showcase bedroom sofa - A living room scene with a view of outdoorsCreate a custom carpet to finish your bedroom beautifully.


Are you seeking the right style of furniture for your bedroom? Assistance in making the hard decisions. Know that we are here to answer all your questions, guide you in translating your vision into actuality, and remove all the guess work out of the process.

Contact Oriental Casa through out Book an Appointment button below or call us at 604-734-7906 to set-up a Zoom consult. Our in-house Designers will help you create the bedroom fit for dreaming in!



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