Do’s and don'ts of Furniture Shopping

Do’s and don'ts of Furniture Shopping

As purchasing a home is one of the largest investments people will make and generally not something you change too often, we thought it would be good to give a refresher on some tips of things to consider when the next expense comes - furnishing it!



DO….Get To ‘Know Your Home’

The key to making the best furniture purchases is to really get in line with the vision you see, but even more importantly, really studying the bones of the space! I realize so many want a ‘move in ready’ home, but the best designs are thought out and planned and accomplished over time.  So often I have seen clients buy ‘a good deal’ that is really money wasted as either it wasn’t as good a quality as originally thought, or they bought a ‘mistake on sale’.  What I mean by this is that there are sometimes space limitations, for example, maybe you loved the style and high arm of a sofa, and never realized it would never fit around that corner, or in that doorway that never, before now, was an issue.


DO….Work With A Professional


do's and don'ts of furniture shoping colors palletsWorking With A Design Professional Can Save You Thousands


Over many years, I have often heard people in passing suggest that ‘designers are too expensive’, or not worth the money they charge.  As in any other profession, they really ought to be more respected for the skills and talents that they provide.  Just as you wouldn’t buy a home without a realtor, design and space planning really should be considered and worked on with a professional.  The money I have seen people spend replacing ‘mistakes’ purchased can cost thousands and thousands of dollars, not to mention the inconvenience to not getting it right in the first place. In the end, for the cost of replacing that ‘great deal’ people often COULD HAVE spent the extra money on the piece they absolutely loved but walked away from thinking it was too expensive.

The job of a Designer is to work with you and provide you with the best tools to help you make good buying decisions.  Evaluating a budget, determining where those dollars are best used, for example, the important pieces to invest in and where you can save yet achieve the same look elsewhere. 


DO….Be Prepared When Furniture Shopping


do's and don'ts of furniture shoping drawing‘Know Before You Go’


You have no need to feel you need to draw the perfect floor plan by any means, but having a roughly drawn floor plan can be one of your best tools! People often think they really know their space, and I can tell you that most don’t know their space as well as they think they do!  When I would meet clients who were ‘ready to buy’ and asked questions about their room such as where heat vents are, which way sliding doors are etc. they would certainly realize this for themselves.  Having this already mapped out along with measurements will keep things clear to you and will help prevent buying anything impulsively, maybe a close out that’s not returnable, before it’s too late. Also, having paint samples and other samples of materials are really helpful and also PHOTOS!! A picture tells a thousand words.

At Oriental Casa, a place where ‘East Meets West’ our Design Team on South Granville Street are happy to work with you to ensure you know that what you are purchasing is classic, timeless and well-built furniture.