High-Quality Furniture - Investing in Your Future

High-Quality Furniture - Investing in Your Future

At Oriental Casa, we believe in investing in furniture and décor that will last decades. Whether you use it for that long is up to you, but the option will always be there for resale, passing it on to family and friends, or donating to a cause where an at-need family benefits from your choice.

A Living Room with bookshelf and two doorsHigh-traffic areas like Living Rooms need sturdy and expertly made pieces

When contemplating new furniture for your home or business, always err on the side of common sense! We are all faced with the same choice when purchasing–do I go for something fast, cheap, and easy or invest in something high-quality, handcrafted, and ultimately more expensive? There is often the temptation to choose something inexpensive at the moment, as you may want something as quickly as possible, but that is not the best choice. Not for you or the environment.

Obviously, for some types of furniture or situations, choosing affordable quality pieces can be a good idea. For example, if you work in home staging, it would not be a financially responsible decision to spend thousands on a sofa that no one will ever sit on! But if you are looking for furniture to furnish high traffic areas, like in the hospitality industry, business waiting rooms, healthcare facilities, or in your home, the better option is investing in high-quality modern furniture.


A Bedroom with artwork and a view of the cityCreating a lasting impression is easy with Oriental Casa furniture

Here are some features to look for when choosing high-quality modern furniture that will ensure there are no regrets!

Stay away from particle board no matter what the sticker price says! This ‘wood’ is used as a base for much modern furniture. This practice is typically a sign of cheap furniture, as it will not stand up to heavy use over a long period. Its composition is a combination of wood pulp or sawdust, plastics, glue, and/or resin – resulting in a material that is not as solid or durable and contains formaldehyde, which is a potent chemical.


A high-ceiling living room with cushioned couches and large television A beautifully designed home adds value to your lifestyle and happiness


A kitchen with a table set for a mealAll Oriental Casa furniture is created with traditional joinery techniques

Only High-Quality Furniture at Oriental Casa

Our modern furniture is to be enjoyed for years to come, unlike other manufacturers and suppliers that focus on creating trendy pieces that will only last for a couple of years.

If you are looking for high-quality furniture for yourself or a client, Oriental Casa can help. Click the Book an Appointment button below to meet with one of our team members to find the perfect modern Chinese furniture for your needs.