Welcome to Oriental Casa: South Granville’s Newest Hot Spot

Welcome to Oriental Casa: South Granville’s Newest Hot Spot


Off the bustling corner of West Broadway and Granville street, in the heart of the South Granville shopping district, luxury furniture store Oriental Casa awaits your visit.

Oriental Casa open house welcome bench


At the heart of our serene showroom is an incredible team of women who firmly believe that a commitment to the best – products, service, and atmosphere - is part of a passion for mindfulness and sustainable living.

With a thoughtful eye toward the future comes a longstanding commitment to responsible practices and sustainable production.


Our Mindful Chinese Partners 

Oriental Casa’ resource partners are forward-thinking manufacturers who ensure high standards in ethical and environmentally friendly production. We seek to optimize the efficiency of the process while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions which damage our environment. Each piece in our gallery is handcrafted with the highest quality materials – no pressed materials or laminates, harmful stains and lacquers, or endangered woods are used.

Oriental Casa open house welcome Furniture

We work diligently with our supply chain to meet and exceed environmental manufacturing standards in China. Our annual visits are essential to our philosophy because this is the time when we reconnect with our Asian team members and ensure they operate a safe workplace for all involved.

The luxury we love is the result of the harmony between our other values: because there is no material more precious than the respect for nature, culture and the legacy of tradition expressed in our work.


Quality Over Convenience 

Oriental Casa has no desire to facilitate the distribution of poor-quality products that fail and require replacement quickly – this way of doing business only adds to landfills and is the antithesis of sustainable production.

Oriental Casa open house welcome Living Room

Oriental Casa sells only the highest-quality home décor products that are built to last; there is no ‘fast furniture’ here! We aim to inspire and create a desire for the best.

The Oriental Casa team welcomes all to visit and experience our new showroom at 2699 South Granville.



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